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Striving with United Forces and Drawing New Pictures-- Pan-China’s 2016 Annual Gala Held at Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People


On January 3, 2015, Pan-China’s 2016 Annual Gala was held at Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People. More than 1400 people attended the event, including members of Pan-China Partner Managing Committee, Mr. Hu Shaoxian, Mr. Hu Jianjun, Mr. Zheng Qihua, Mr. Wang Yuehao, Mr. Lyu Suyang, Mr. Wang Guohai, Mr. Chen Xiang, Mr. Shi Qilin, Mr. Yu Huakai and Mrs. Fu Fangfang, as well as all the staffs in Hangzhou Headquarters and the Head of Quality Control Department of each branch.